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Sunday, October 11, 2015: Adoption Event at Old South Pearl Farmers Market

Pearl Street

Life is Better Rescue will be at the Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market. We will have dogs and cats available for adoption. The market is located on the 1500 block of South Pearl Street and is from 9 am to 1 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

All Creatures – Great and Small

Life is Better Rescue is non-breed and non-species specific organization that saves animals of all types, ages and sizes. We also save those in need of medical intervention prior to adoption.

Rex is a 7 month old Great Dane that came from a city shelter in Southern Colorado. He had congenital defects including a underdeveloped, unusable rear leg. After being passed between several homes he wound up at animal control and they were desperate to find a group that could take him and address his medical needs. We were forwarded his information to by another group, and we knew we had to help. Upon entering our program, Planned Pethood Plus and Dr. Jeff Young performed a complex, time-intensive surgery to both remove his useless leg and neuter him. Now that the counter-weight and deformed bone is gone, Rex is quickly transitioning into a true tripod and can run as fast as any four-legged dog. In fact, his resilience and can-do spirit has shown us that Rex has what it takes to follow in Porsche's footsteps and become a trained therapy animal and help children in various aspects of their social and academic development.

Weebles is a 2 month old Shih Tzu puppy that was dumped in the night drop box at Denver Animal Shelter – most likely when her Cerebellar Hypoplasia was discovered. Over time, what may have originally been considered puppy clumsiness revealed itself to be a lifelong condition. Weebles has difficulty controlling her movements and her gait is erratic. She wobbles (thus her name), but this resilient animal wants nothing more in life than to be a regular dog. She plays, chases, wrestles and chews like any other puppy, and once she has grown a bit bigger and is old enough to be spayed, she will be up for adoption. Our goal is to find her a forever home that will understand her lifetime limitations, but will help her thrive with her determination to let nothing keep her down.

Rex and Weebles are perfect examples of why "life is better." Both needed organizations that could properly assist with their diagnosis and treatment, and both needed the chance to get out of the municipal environment to achieve that end. Life is Better Rescue's primary mission is to save those animals that are in danger of euthanasia because of time, space or medical condition. We partner with these types of shelters to help reduce the number of animals in those situations, and to make the community better as a whole when it comes to pet ownership.

By donating any amount – you help us help them. All creatures, great and small, deserve a chance at a pain free and love filled life. You can make their tomorrows better, starting today.

Thank you for your support! All donations are tax deductible, and go 100% toward the care and treatment of the animals in our program.

Colorado Gives





Colorado Gives  
  Send your check to:
Life is Better Rescue
PO Box 19159
Denver, CO 80219

What's New

New Life is Better Gear

Check out the fun new products in our store. We have new moisture wicking tees, v-neck tees, bowling shirts, zip up hoodies and baseball hats. Show your support of rescue by sporting Life is Better gear. You may order online or visit us at one of the farmers markets.



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