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About Us

Everyone who is passionate about rescuing has a story about how they got where they are, or why they do what they do. It is often reflected in the name of the organization – either in dedication to a specific animal that has moved them, or a breed that they are passionate about supporting.

You will notice that we are not in the business for one animal, one breed, or one species. We are Life is Better Rescue. The name seems self explanatory – what animal isn’t facing a better life after rescue before euthanasia? For us, it’s not just about saving life – it’s about creating a quality life and making sure that the impact is felt across the board. It’s about spaying and neutering so that we can reduce the adoptable euthanasia population before it starts. It’s about working with municipal shelters to increase transfers so that disease is minimized. It’s about making sure that each rescue has profound meaning for the adopter as much as the adoptee.

It’s about giving animals and people the chance to connect and form a lifelong loving relationship. This rescue is not just about preventing needless death. It’s about creating a life worth living. To us, being a rescuer to means more than just saving lives. It means making things better, for the animal as well as the owner.

Our goal is simple. We would like to enter the rescue community to serve as many animals as we are able. To have volunteers with the same motivation, who can independently work to save lives and find homes. To give an infrastructure to self-sufficient rescuers so that they can assist as they are able.

Most importantly, we want to help teach behavior that helps with permanent adoption. To save animals at any stage and prepare them for a life well lived. To impart the message that for them, life is better, and will only get better from here on out.

Financial or in-kind support helps directly with animal care. Life is Better Rescue is an IRS 501(c)(3) recognized charity, and all donations are tax deductible.